Beautiful Video Productions only available with our Photography Packages

We offer Video packages with all our Photography packages, please click here for our various packages and pricing.

Wedding video is the  perfect addition with photography to preserve the memories of your special day. Our preferred videography partner is RT Studios.         

Having filmed several hundred weddings, mainly here in Cyprus, They have developed their own unique style of Wedding Videography. With experience and quality for your special day right through from the planning phase, filming on the day and the final edit. To capture and document with moving pictures all the emotion, excitement and colour of your wedding day.

We have come together to offer you special prices when Photography and Videography are purchased together. Please feel free to visit RT Studios for more information.

Beautiful 1080p HD Edited Video 

We produce beautiful films for Weddings and Christenings. 

Baptism 1

Wedding 1

Baptism 2

Wedding 2

Baptism 3

Wedding 3

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